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Tax Business Preparation

Having an experienced to support your business makes a huge difference in the tax strategy you apply for the coming years. Small-business tax preparation is only part of the equation: You need a skilled professional to keep your plans on track. Ourhelp can save you time and prevent costly mistakes. We do more than just prepare your tax return: When you work with us, you get a partner to help you throughout the year, not just during small-business tax filing season. Each quarter, your tax consultant will analyze your tax strategy and meet with you to discuss your options. From now on, you’ll know what your tax liability is, and you’ll have a plan to manage it.

Types of business taxes

Income tax

Tax you pay on the income your business earns.

Self-employment tax

Tax you pay, as a self-employed business owner, to cover social security and Medicare taxes.

Employment tax

Also known as payrolltax, this is a tax you deduct from employee paychecks (if you have employees) for federal income taxes, social security taxes, Medicare taxes, and federal unemployment taxes.

Excise tax

Excise tax is a tax you pay if your business is involved in certain goods or services, such as air transportation, fuel, or heavy trucks and tractors.

Sales tax

Although there is no federal sales tax, 45 states have a sales tax requirement. If you sell goods and services, you may be responsible for calculating, collecting, and reporting sales tax.

Property tax

A tax you pay on any commercial property, land, or real estate that your business owns. Any business property tax will be regulated on the local level based on where your business is located.

What You Need to Know About Collecting Sales Taxes

Generally, you should collect, report and pay sales tax on most goods and some services that are delivered to a customer in a state where your business has a physical presence. But sales tax rates and regulations vary from state to state and even city to city or county to county.

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